The Joy of Giving

We get requests every day requesting a donation for a great cause. While we are unable to provide an in-kind donation to all those who request it, we have come up with a unique opportunity to partner together to help both our causes! We call it the Joy of Giving.
We're committed not only to our guests, but our local community, so we have partnered with Northern Illinois Food Bank. Imagine not knowing how to put your next meal on the table, or having to choose between paying rent and buying food. In our own backyard, for nearly half a million individuals, this is a reality. To change lives locally, one meal at a time, we need help.
With our Joy of Giving program, we are able to offer non-profit organizations a discounted package to purchase for their cause while giving back 20% of the proceeds to Northern Illinois Food Bank. Together we can make a positive impact in our community for the children who are going to bed hungry, older adults making tough choices between paying for healthcare or groceries, and hardworking individuals working multiple jobs and struggling to put food on their table.
With every dollar donated to Northern Illinois Food Bank, they are able to provide $8 worth of groceries to help our neighbors. The $50 donation we can make when a non-profit organization decides to purchase a great overnight package will provide $400 in groceries! They get a great package for a great value and together we can solve hunger.

We're pretty excited about it! Learn more.