A Tale of Two Trees

In celebration of Earth Day in 2016, Abbey Associates made their way to the Harbor Lawn to plant two new trees. It was a beautiful spring day, they were outdoors for a good cause, and smiles were on the faces of everyone who participated. After learning about the origins of the day and being in such good moods, it was decided by everyone there that these trees deserved to be named after the founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson. 

Earth Day 2016. Abbey associates and Nelson

Gaylord Nelson was a U.S. Senator and former Governor of Wisconsin. He was also present for the groundbreaking of The Abbey Resort back in 1962. You can learn more about him and the founding of Earth Day here.

Senator Gaylord Nelson at The Abbey Resort's groundbreaking ceremony, July, 1962.

Gaylord and Nelson, the two young red sunset maples, thrived on the shores of Lake Geneva for a year alongside family activities, outdoor meetings, and numerous weddings. They soaked up the sun, shared their soil with the tulips, and watched the boats, ducks and geese in the harbor. 

When it came time to celebrate Earth Day once again, it was decided that the two trees should get some special recognition. A dedication and awareness ceremony was held for the associates and Gaylord and Nelson were given stones commemorating their planting dates and their names. 

Commemorative stones laid on Earth Day 2017.

Commemorative stones laid on Earth Day 2017.

The next time you visit The Abbey Resort, be sure to stop by the Harbor Lawn and say hello to our shade-providing, oxygen-producing friends. 

Watch the video from our dedication ceremony below.