Stars of the Industry: Sergio Huerta

When you think of someone worthy of Stars of the Industry it has to be someone who does much more than just his job. It has to be a staff member who is passionate about serving others and excels at their primary role but is also willing to take on other responsibilities for the good of the operation.

France Langan, GM and Patricia Quinn (Director of Human Resources) present Sergio with a certificate for his nomination.

France Langan, GM and Patricia Quinn (Director of Human Resources) present Sergio with a certificate for his nomination.

Sergio Huerta might be a bartender by job code but in reality, he is so much more than that. Sergio has been a full - time bartender for the past 11 years at Pheasant Run Resort. In a business dominated by transient staff he has been a constant at the different lounges within Pheasant Run. Sergio works as a bartender wherever he is needed including but not limited to Harvest, Jambalaya, The Clubhouse, Zydeco Jacks, and Banquets.

He is an outstanding bartender who is very creative and willing to experiment with drinks. Sergio’s house made Sangria is always the most popular beverage out at the pool bar on hot summer days. Sergio will actually pick mint leaf out in the Chefs Garden to make his famous strawberry mojitos which are a big hit all Summer long.

Sergio is constantly mentioned in guest comment cards because he always takes the time to get to know everyone who sits down at his bar. He has a great memory and always recognizes returning guests and greets them as he would greet a good friend which makes them feel special.

Sergio is one of the rare staff members who never stands around idly as he is always cleaning or working on a project to improve the resort. Sergio is very gifted mechanically and often repairs and services equipment that is off limits to all staff except for the most talented engineers. He rebuilds soda compression systems and troubleshoots the complex draft beer system connected to 3 different restaurants when it goes down.

Sergio is undaunted by hard work and will never call a manager to change a beer keg in the basement instead choosing to simply do it himself so he knows it is done right. All bar staff love to follow Sergio because they know the bar they are coming into will be spotless and well stocked.

Every year Sergio is selected at least once as the “Artist of the Month” and his name appears on ballots at least 6 times a year. What really separates Sergio is his willingness to do anything to help the resort. He does not do it for attention or recognition but because it is the right thing to do and because he understands that every staff member has a vested interest in the success of the resort.

In the last year Sergio has by himself reupholstered the lounge chairs in the Clubhouse, fixed a broken chair in the Tower Lobby, and repaired the cobblestones on Bourbon Street with quick setting concrete. Recently he took it upon himself to clean the ceiling tiles outside the public bathrooms in the Tower Lobby.

Sergio is one of those rare staff members who loves his profession and serving others. He sets a great example for others with his work ethic and he always tries to leave the resort a better place every day that he works.

This is why we have nominated Sergio Huerta for a Stars of the Industry award!

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