Our mission at Hostmark is clear: to honor our promises and to deliver superior results.

To achieve this goal we equip our employees, the Hostmark Artists, with the instruments to create an atmosphere of service that makes a lasting impact at the workplace.

Like the Mona Lisa is to Leonardo da Vinci and the Statue of David is to Michelangelo, our Hostmark Artists create impressive works of art with their optimistic attitude, professional conduct, and their individual creative talents. Our Artists transform their workplace by raising the bar for excellence in their individual crafts. They are driven by a passion to surpass expectations and to create customer service experiences that customers rave about. Best of all, our Artists are the catalyst for change and influence here at Hostmark.

"Our Artists define Hostmark's Art of Service through the relentless delivery of memorable moments."
- Jerome Cataldo, President & CEO of Hostmark

The Art of Service means being part of a larger mission that focuses on our roles as Hostmark Artists, not just the tasks of our jobs. When we transform the guest experience, extraordinary things will happen!

Hostmark Artists...

  • ...bring local style & flair to the guest interaction
  • ...are never boring or bland
  • ...create ideas
  • ...challenge themselves every single day
  • ...have guests or fellow Artists raving to others about their interactions
  • ...create exceptional experiences because they are exceptional people!